Juneteenth 2023 RedUbite Campaign

June 2023 RedUbite Campaign

Why do we eat red-colored foods on Juneteenth?


The color red has come to be associated with many aspects of the Black experience throughout the Diaspora. Red represents the resiliency of Black people and celebrates their survival and honors the passing of others along the way. Red represents the endurance of cultural foundations and food ways, including hibiscus tea and various grains throughout the African Diaspora. Red also represents the determination of Black people to define themselves for themselves and to create lasting cultural legacies and pathways into the future. Eating red foods has become an act of remembrance and celebration.


In keeping with this commemoration, the REDubite campaign was created as a measure to support the academic resiliency, endurance, and determination of students. We invite you to join us by financially donating to the University of Arizona Black Alumni Club scholarship. Your donation can be received at the link below.


RedUbite Campaign Donation